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Claire Humphries

Automatic Instructor

Hi, I’m Claire. I’ve held a clean driving licence for 30 years. After growing up with both my dad and grandad being driving instructors, I decided this was where I wanted to be. So, after my own family grew up I decided to train.

I chose to join 1drive because the teaching style is like no other and different from others.
I can promise that your lessons will be centred around you and adapted when needed.

In helping you gain this life skill of learning to drive, I will also be caring and understanding to your needs but having fun along the way.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing pupils skills and confidence grow each lesson whilst on their journey.


  • Experience working with a range of age groups and abilities as well as working with a variety of specific learning needs.
  • Held clean driving licence for 30 years
  • Experience training people in previous roles over many years.
  • Patient, friendly, and approachable


I consider myself caring and understanding
I like us to work together in harmony, whilst making it fun for you
I'm approachable and easy to get on with
I'll always try and adapt my teachings to ensure they're centred to you and your needs

Contact Info


Phone number:
07906 041831