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John Arbon - Gosport & Fareham Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

Hi my name is John I trained to become a driving instructor with 1Drive after being made redundant in 2020. I have been driving for 37 years, and in that time I have seen a great many changes – from the amount of traffic on our roads, to the way people’s attitudes change in a vehicle.  When I was made redundant 1Drive offered me a role where I could use my years of driving experience to help new drivers learn to drive safely and responsibly.


  1. My previous role was as a project manager
  2. I have thirty-seven years experience on the road
  3. I’ve worked with, and trained people for the last 20 years
  4. I’m a good at understanding other people’s needs

Personal Skills

I’m a very patient person.
I understand people learn at different rates.
People find me calm under pressure.
I really adopted 1Drives ethos to never condemn, criticise, or complain and I think that makes me a better teacher

Contact Info

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Phone number:
07906 041831