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Fiona - Driving instructor - 1Drive

Fiona Hawke - Portsmouth Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

I trained as an instructor with 1Drive in 2019. I chose 1Drive because I could see they worked to provide a service to their learners that was devoted, fun, and a bit different. I deliver my lessons with humour and patience, and tailor them to each students learning requirements. I’m very chilled, and calm, and believe I provide a learning-environment that is very different to traditional standards. 1Drive’s ethos chimes with me as I am passionate about supporting students in a non-judgemental and devoted way to a safe and competent standard. Being a mother of nine I know something about tailoring teaching styles to different personalities and capabilities!


  1. I previously worked as a family support worker
  2. I have many years of experience homeschooling my children. I would bring these skills my lessons and create a warm, constructive and fun environment
  3. I’ve worked in a variety of roles throughout my life from customer service to leisure to retail.
  4. Immediately prior to training with 1Drive my role required me to listen to the needs of my customers and tailor recommendations according to their requirements. I bring this with me to my lessons and adjust and adapt to the student

Personal Skills

Communication is key
Patience is vital
I'm consider myself very approachable
I can work around your needs.
Relatable teaching style

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